International Women’s Day: Global Female gaming scene


With half of the world population being comprised of females, it’s no wonder a good number of them are interested in gaming. Here’s how females are advancing in the gaming scene of 2022, and how the market is adapting.

Openness, acceptance, progress

From hobbyists to industry professionals, women in gaming are nothing new. Games have always had fans of all ages and genders, but in recent years we’ve seen a positive rise in the acceptance of gaming as a hobby and a valid career path for females. (source)

As more females openly engage in games-related activities, the industry revenue is looking at an all-time high, projected at $42 billion for the Chinese market according to reports. (source)

Industry adaptation

From a production standpoint, the game development industry worldwide has ways to go in terms of gender equality, fair representation and updated stereotypes sourced from the 1950s, with the 2020 Global Gender balance showing only 24% of workers being female, mostly on non-executive positions. (source)

Within the entertainment sector, female content creators and female consumer participation have increased, particularly on platforms like Youtube and Twitch, with the highest growth being in gamer personalities and streamers.

Esports is one of the fastest developing areas of gaming, that is particularly growing when it comes to female representation. China has become one of the best places for female talent to grow competitively, and its markets are the most appreciative of female gamers. (source)

For the love of games, together!

The gaming industry worldwide is one of the fastest-growing markets, and part of that is due to the rise of female gamers, as well as the inclusion of female professionals within the gaming industry and Esports. What we have learned, is that countries that are more accommodating towards female gamers, also see an increase in female professionals within the gaming industry, leading to higher quality production of inclusive and relatable content, which in turn leads to more females being interested in games.

Guest Author: Violeta Ivanova, BHSc in Physiotherapy and Esports Performance coach at









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