Business is all about connections, especially in China. We organise some of the most valued B2B events that are connecting companies across the gaming ecosystem in China and overseas.

Kim Krogh learning during IMGA China Judging Session

"Attending the IMGA China Judging Session and Mobile Games Seminar facilitated by MyGamez was a fantastic way to learn about Chinese games and the market."

Kim Krogh

Studio Game Director, King

Learning and Connecting

We organise some of the best China mobile gaming B2B events, tailored for non-Chinese developers.

Photos from MyGamez events

Attend one of our game pitching sessions to hear how top Android stores are evaluating western games’ potential in China, or listen to the industry leading companies sharing their China market knowhow in one of our seminars. We guarantee these are some of the very best opportunities to learn valuable insights about the massive Middle Kingdom market.

IMGA China attendees

IMGA China

Awarding the best Chinese mobile games since 2016.

Supported by the top distribution platforms, mobile operators, publishers and service providers, IMGA China has quickly become the leading independent gaming awards in China. For MyGamez and our publishing partners, IMGA China is a fantastic way to stay at the pulse of the latest gaming trends in China.


Contact us if you’d like to submit your game (for Chinese teams only) or to learn about IMGA China sponsorship opportunities.

Take a deep dive

Join IMGA China Judging Sessions to play and discuss the nominee games together with the some of the most seasoned experts in Chinese gaming industry.

IMGA China judging session

These two days sessions are packed with fun interaction and perfect for understanding the local competition and learning the latest Chinese game design trends.

Coming events

Our regular B2B events include China Game Day in Helsinki in May, IMGA China Launch Seminar in Shanghai during China Joy and IMGA China CEO Summit during Q4. We will announce the upcoming event dates once it is again safe to travel and get together in larger groups.

Sponsors and Partners

IMGA China is supported by some of the best companies in Chinese mobile gaming ecosystem.


  • PH
  • TP


  • Oppo
  • Vivo
  • Huawei
  • HTC Vive
  • Woo
  • Mintegral
  • ZPlay
  • Nexus
  • Duoku Game
  • CMGE


  • CCG Expo
  • Indielight
  • Ciga
  • Indienova
  • Tencent
  • Gamecores
  • Gamelook
  • AVG Channel
  • Green grapes
  • Gamebase
  • VRTuoluo
  • Gamer Com

3rd IMGA China Winner highlights

Icon of 'Spark of Light' mobile game

Spark of Light

Pillows Willow

Best VR Game
Icon of 'Pitpat Plan' mobile game

Pitpat Plan

Chesstar Studios

Guilty Pleasure
Icon of 'Paper Anne' mobile game

Paper Anne

Corn Entertainment

Jury's Honorable Mention

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